A Story of an Effeminate Boy

Elliot Rodger’s murderous rampage and suicide is the result of a boy not understanding his masculinity. His narcissistic, megalomaniacal 141-page memoir/manifesto My Twisted World contains reoccurring accounts of his uncontrollable crying, envy, and hate. Elliot was a little bitch.

Born at 5.4 pounds, Elliot Rodger grew up weak and small. His short height and late puberty contributed to his sense of inferiority. He would never be able to overcome severe social anxiety due to neverending abuse from his peers. “They teased me because I was scared of girls, calling me names like ‘faggot.'”

Some have hypothesized Elliot was “a repressed young gay man at war with his identity.” This is half-true.

Elliot was a heterosexual male who wanted the role of the bitch instead of that of a man. He believed women would be drawn towards his physical appearance and fashionable clothes, as if he were an attractive woman and they were pursuing men. He craved social validation and admiration like every other woman.

His killing spree never would have happened if he were born a woman. His life would have been easy if he looked like this:


Left: Elliot’s sister and mother. Right: Elliot’s hot sister.